Why TreksandTourNepal?

Everest Base Camp

Why TreksandTourNepal?

Why TreksandTourNepal; One of TreksandTourNepal’s key strengths is in the individualized accommodation we offer. We tailor your visit to your exact requisites. Whether you operate to immerse yourself in mountain culture, visit antediluvian heritage sites or experience a different way of life, we are here to avail. We go the extra mile to ascertain that those who peregrinate with us receive nothing less than the best accommodation and feel a sense of comfort as they become a component of our family.

We have been around long enough to ken our clients’ needs, prospects and what it takes to organize the peregrination of a lifetime! No matter what your conception of the impeccable adventure trip is, TreksandTourNepa will leave no stone unturned to avail you get the most out of our wondrous country.


The most consequential thing to Ace the Himalaya is the safety of our clients and staff. All our staff members are trained and plenarily insured. To ascertain the safety and delectation of our clients we ascertain that everything from pabulum hygiene through to altitude sickness is taken astronomically solemnly.

Treks&tourNepal’s team are plenarily trained in the following health and safety aspects:

  • First avail procedures.
  • Safety in the mountains.
  • High altitude sickness – precautions & remedy.
  • Monitoring all aspects of regime policies and weather that may affect your peregrination.
  • 24/7 communication (Mobile and Satellite Phone when required).
  • Ascertaining that fresh, hygienically prepared aliment is accommodated to the clients on treks. Additionally, ascertain that clients with any particular dietary requisites or pabulum allergies are catered for.


Our dedicated team is always at hand to make certain that every aspect of your peregrination is pleasurable and memorable. The following are just some of the ways that we endeavor to enhance your experience:

  • International standard of accommodation.
  • Flexibility to accommodate any requisites.
  • Amicable and subsidiary staff.
  • Hassle-free airport transfers (pick up and drop off accommodations).
  • We build vigorous partnerships with our accommodation providers to ascertain quality.
  • We utilize local bellwethers, guides, and porters on all our tours and treks. They will enrich your experience by sharing nuggets of information which only locals can provide.

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